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Book The Best Fishing Charter: Start With the Captains

Booking a charter fishing trip can be a daunting task. It is your job to pick the right boat to bring your family, friends, or business on. You also are in charge of finding a fun experience, that provides a lot of ‘bang for your buck’. The smart answer to this is to book a fishing charter based on the guy who will be driving the boat, keeping you safe, and most importantly…putting you on some damn fish!

Local, LifeLong, Father Son Charter Captains

Kevin O'MaleyCaptain
Kevin’s biggest Bluefin Tuna
Kellen O'MaleyCaptain
Kellen’s Biggest Striped Bass

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It’s Easy to Show a Family A Good Time on the Water When You’ve Been Doing it Your whole Life

Each of the O’Maleys has spent their fair share of time on the water. Growing up a stone’s throw from the Annisquam River, it’s inevitable that you spend some time getting salty.

Venturing off of land can be intimidating with a family but, when you do it with the O’Maleys you can rest assured. This is not their first rodeo. Captain Kellen explains it,”Running a fishing charter is actually a pretty simple process. Prioritize safety, make sure everyone feels comfortable, and let the ocean do the rest of the work.”

“This week we booked two trips aboard the Connemara Bay, the striper tour with the lobstering, and the ground fishing tour for haddock and cod. Both trips were stellar! I took my 60 something parents, wife, and my 8 and 4 year old, and everyone had a great time. Kevin and Kellen worked their butts off”

Michael Omo

Experience On the Ocean Goes A Long Way

When people ask the O’Maley’s about the HUGE fish they caught the reply typically is minimal. “We were just in the right spot at the right time” or “We had a hook in the water and got lucky”. The truth both captains reveal is there are millions of little things that when done properly, make all the difference in the world. In order to find these fishing tricks, it simply takes a lot of time on the water and failure. Sooner or later you figure out fishing tricks that work. “It’s just a matter of now being able to try something new fishing, the learning never ends.”