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Catch n Eat

Connemara Bay Fishing Charters takes pride in providing its customers with the freshest seafood around! The Fish you Catch are cleaned and packaged by our experienced crew. After a long day of fishing its great to relax and reflect over a tasty meal. You can take your catch home to eat or let Lobsta Land Restaurant do the cooking for you.

fillets of fish

Gloucester Fishing Charters Fillets

Restaurant cooks your catch after charter fishing gloucester: Lobsta Land

Catch n Eat Connemara Bay Fishing Charters

Lobsta Land Restaurant is a highly renowned seafood eatery in Gloucester Massachusetts. When people ask where to eat in Gloucester, this is where the Connemara Bay crew sends them. If seafood is not your forte the Lobsta Land menu also has many alternatives. Check out our locals take on Lobsta Land restaurant here

Charter Fishing Seafood Dinner