Squid Fishing Gloucester Harbor

The squid are back again this year in Gloucester harbor. We have been marking dense schools of them throughout the year on the fish-finder and noticing lots of them inside the bellies of the stripers we are catching on our half day fishing charters.

Squid can be caught throughout Gloucester on many of the public piers as well as the dogbar breakwater near eastern point light using a common squid jig that can be found at a local tackle store like Fisherman’s Outfitter. Website here: http://www.fishermansoutfitter.com/ 

Tip: If you are jigging at night, jig under light!


Deep Sea Fishing Gloucester

Proof that the stripers have been feeding on native squid

Gloucester fishing charters squid

A basket full of fresh caught native squid ready for the frying pan










Here’s a video of how to prepare squid for cooking if you have any luck!

This is a squidjig

Here are some squid-jigs


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