Connemara Bay Charters

Sea Lamprey sucking on Mackerel

Sea Lamprey Unusual Catch

This past weekend we caught a few mackerel that had a traveler leaching to the side of their bodies. These eel-like creatures are known as lampreys. Lucky for us they didn’t seem to damage our live bait, as we were able to catch several nice bass. For more information on lamprey’s check out this site

Fishing Report

We were lucky to spend our time on the water with some great guests. Tisi Farmer fought through seasickness all morning while we jigged up live bait, a selfless act that allowed her party to catch some fish! We also were entertained by Kyle Folk and company from Connecticut. They all dared one of their buddies to let the lamprey latch onto his arm and, in facing the challenge, he let out every word of profanity in the book… It turned  out to be a little more painful than expected. Overall a very fun time, looking forward to this week.

Check out the Teeth on this thing!

Sucking on the deck of the Connemara Bay

Kyle Folk of Connecticut with his catch

Marlowes with the bass that he caught thanks to Tisi fighting through seasickness

Another Beauty

All ready to be taken to Lobsta Land to be blackened, grilled, or fried

Taking your Catch to Lobsta Land

We always highly recommend Lobsta Land Restaurant fishing passengers on the Connemara Bay. Everyone who goes their to have their catch fried, grilled, or blackened always returns kind words. Typically they say something like, ” that was the best seafood I have ever eaten in my life”. To learn more about having the fish you catch charter fishing with us in Gloucester check out the Catch N Eat page. Chances are you will visit Lobsta Land again when you visit again if you go there once. There also is a good chance you might see us there.