Striped Bass That Almost Got Away

This was the Bass that almost got away. Fishing a live mackerel up close to the rocks off of Braces Cove in Gloucester, Massachusetts Dave got a large bite. Unfortunately, the striped bass became entangled in a rock. After 25 minutes and the line chaffing the captain and crew of the Connemara Bay were able to guide the fish away from the rock. Then the pressure was on Dave to gently bring in the tired out striper on a frayed line. Dave prevailed and everyone was happy the patience paid off!!

Striped Bass this size take three people to hold

Striped Bass Gloucester Charter Fishing

This is no rare incident of a fish making a run to the bottom into structure to try and elude an angler on the Connemara Bay. The fish are smarter then you think and are fighting for their life. Other ways striped bass try and avoid the boat is by making run under the boat near the end of the fight or wrapping around the buoy line of a lobster trap. When fighting a Bluefin Tuna fish they will try and entangle themselves in anchor lines and even swim with their belly along the bottom in hopes of chafing off the line. If you want to read up on another story of a giant striped bass caught charter fishing check out this article on a fish caught in the Annisqaum RiverĀ annisquam-river-monstah.


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