What to Bring on a Fishing Charter

Are you going on a fishing charter? Is this your first trip or are you a seasoned veteran? Regardless, we have some great tips for you at Connemara Bay Fishing Charters.

The best way to enjoy your day on the water is to find comfort at sea. Check the weather before the trip and pack accordingly. We always encourage to bring extra clothes aboard and a good pair of waterproof boots to keep your feet dry. Don’t bring along any clothes that you are worried about getting dirty because thats the goal! Even if you have never had any issues with sea sickness on past trips it never hurts to take an anti-nausea medication before the trip like Dramamine. Be aware though, that these medications must be taken in advance to be effective. Lastly, even if your Italian and “don’t burn” we recommend you bring sunscreen and sunglasses. Your body absorbs a double the amount of sun and UV rays as they reflect off the water.

You also should do some research prior to booking a fishing charter. Most boats offer testimonials from past trips and you can get a better idea if that boat best suites your needs. You can also hire a private fishing charter like the ones we provide or you can go with a group on a larger fishing boat for a cheaper rate. The best thing to do is to speak directly the the captain that will be running your trip and get a good idea about the services your paying for.


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