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Deep Sea Fishing Gloucester MA


Connemara Bay Fishing Charters offers a wide variety of deep sea fishing options to meet your parties needs. Navigate through the tabs to find what trip suits your party best. All trips are for a maximum of six passengers. The prices do not vary with the number of people in your party.



$600(5 hours) *lobster adventure Combo  *Most Popular Trip*

FULL DAY:  $975

Striped Bass & Blue Fishing

Bass and Bluefish trips can be half or full day trips. We range from fishing up close to the shoreline and extend out to three miles offshore. Much of this type of fishing is done with live-bait. At the beginning of the fishing charter we jig up live mackerel or pollock. These baitfish are then transported to the Connemara Bay’s live well where they wait to be fished. Fishing live-bait provides a great amount of excitement as you can feel the live-bait swimming around and getting scared as predators hunt it. Be ready for surface hits and screaming reels!


Lobstering is hard work, but if you do it for a day, it can be a lot of fun. And next time you have a lobster meal with your friends, you can let them know you not only know how lobstering works, but you’ve done it yourself. For more details about lobster toursseek the main menu

deep sea fishing charters Gloucester MA

A happy family holding a Striped Bass

deep sea fishing charters Gloucester MA

A young angler lets mate, Kellen, help him hold his catch.

deep sea fishing charters Gloucester MA

The live bait being caught 5 at a time!

deep sea fishing charters Gloucester MA

A large bluefish. Wire leaders are a must because of their teeth!

FULL DAY: $1100  (9 hours)

Ground-fishing trips out of Gloucester on the Connemara Bay are generally full-day offshore fishing trips. We target cod, haddock, Pollack, Cusk, and many other fish. Gloucester is a great place for deep sea fishing as it is located close to multiple banks or shelfs along the ocean floor. This structure provides habitat for groundfish that we fish on. Stellwagon Bank and Jeffries Ledge are two structures close to Cape Ann. To catch groundfish charter customers typically jig artificial lures or use clam as bait with a sinker to reach the bottom.

Deep Sea fishing, Gloucester Fishing Charters

Two young gentlemen with some nice cod.

deep sea fishing charters Gloucester MA

Gloucester Deep Sea Fishing Codfish

This Canadian could Fish!

Gloucester Deep Sea Fishing Cod

Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charters Gloucester Ma


Gloucester has always been a common port for Giant Bluefin Tuna fishing as it is surrounded by multiple underwater banks which provide a plentiful diet for the species.

On board the Connemara Bay, we use multiple strategies to catch the giants. Early season (june) when the season opens we primarily troll squid bars for the fish as they are first migrating north. As the season moves forth we will set out the anchor and fish live as well as dead baits with the boat stationary.

Tuna fishing is only becoming more popular as the rest of the world is finally getting a first hand view from Wicked Tuna which broadcasts on the National Geographic Channel. Come join us yourself for a day out on the water chasing Bluefin.

  • PLEASE NOTE *Federal law requires that highly migratory species, charter/headboat vessels must retain bluefin tuna which are 73 inches or greater in length. These tuna(s) will automatically become property of the boat and you are entitled to 15% the sale after expenses and to a maximum of the charter cost.



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Our Shark Fishing Trips are becoming more and more popular. The success rate on shark fishing is high and they provide a strong fight. We fight sharks on stand-up rod and reel equipment with a harness. Sharks common off the waters of Cape Ann include Blues, Porbeagle, Thresher, and even some Great Whites have been spotted and caught.

Blue shark or often known as a

Blue shark or often known as a “blue dog” next to the boat.

Connemara Bay Fishing Charters shark