2016 has brought us a rather chilly spring but we still have been getting out on the water fishing. The early season deep sea fishing for haddock has been superb and we even have caught a few juvenile halibut on Stellwagon bank. The water temps have been slow to rise but we are starting to see large schools of mackerel and the bass are starting to show more of a presence in the waters around Cape Ann.

Spring 2016 Fishing Report: Connemara Bay Fishing Charters Gloucester MA

Inshore Striped Bass Fishing Report

  • huge striped bass
  • striper fishing gloucester
  • A big Bass

The bass are migrating northward following massive schools of mackerel. As the water temperatures rise we expect the bite to explode.

Slide 1:Christian Kent of Worcester caught this on a striped bass fishing charter with captain Kellen June 2nd.

Slide 2: Mark Elliott of Steven’s Point of Wisconsin caught this bass in spite of being a Packers fan.

Slide 3: Art Bass and his family with a well deserved striper.

An Unexpected Shark

porbeagle shark gloucester

We bumped into this unexpected visitor last week while bass fishing off Manchester By The Sea. These Porbeagle sharks have been showing up every spring now. There also have been plenty of Blue sharks about 10 miles from shore. We will start to chase them soon on our shark charters using stand up tackle. These trips provide big game action without the big game wait. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t hook into A Giant Bluefin Tuna!

Deep Sea Fishing Report

deep sea fishing haddock

A nice haddock taken deep sea fishing on Stellwagon bank. The fishing has been steady this spring and we hope it continues to keep our rods bent. Also called ground fishing, this is a great way to bring home some fresh fish fillets for your fridge and pack your freezer for the winter. All fish caught and of legal size are filleted and packaged by our crew. You can take some of your catch to our favorite restaurant, Lobsta Land for cooking. More details about having your charter fishing catch cooked at a local restaurant here.

Lobstering Report Gloucester

A Lobster Trap

We have been setting traps for our lobstering tours. Thus far we are seeing average results for the spring lobster catch. We are catching more and more soft shell lobsters as we enter the shedding season. This is an annual growth process for lobsters. As the lobsters molt they become less active and more susceptible to predators as their main source of protection (their shell) is soft. Join us for a tour and get a better understanding for the commercial lobster industry. All Lobster tours guarantee everyone takes home a lobster for dinner.


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