Gloucester Fishing Charters

Connemara Bay Fishing Charters offers saltwater fishing (striped bass, haddock, cod, tuna and more), lobstering tours, and clambake/lobsterbake cruises in and around the waters off Cape Ann, Massachusetts, including Gloucester, Rockport, Manchester and Ipswich.

Charter Fishing Gloucester

Lets Fish!

We offer all types of fishing charters. Half or Full Day. Inshore or Offshore. We can fish for striped bass, bluefish, cod, haddock, tuna, and sharks! Prices range from $400 to $1100

Lobstering Tours

Get to Work!

Ever wonder what its like to be a lobsterman? Come Aboard and try it for yourself or sit back and watch the crew do the work. By the end of the trip you might be ready for an occupation change! You get to take home a Lobster to!

Clamebake Cruises

Relax and Eat!

Sit back and relax as you enjoy a true seafood meal on the water while you take in the views of Americas oldest seaport, Gloucester. The meal includes Lobster, native steamers, clam chowder and more

The Boat

The Connemara Bay is a 37-foot traditional, “Down East”-style Maine-built boat with plenty of deck space. It accommodates up to six passengers. The boat has modern electronics and meets all coast guard regulations. It’s homeport has been in Gloucester, Massachusetts since its existence.

The Crew

Kevin O'Maley
Kevin O'MaleyCaptain
With over 35 years experience in the waters around the north shore, Kevin is a knowledgable captain and a great teacher. Be prepared for some high energy and fun times when this guy is running the boat
Kellen O'Maley
Kellen O'MaleyCaptain/Mate
A Gloucester Native Kellen spends all of his summers on the water and sometimes even brings along his pup. If you want to learn more about fishing or what to do during your stay in Gloucester ask this guy
Dan Grammas
Dan GrammasMate
Dan will keep your lines untangled and he is a great teacher. When he’s not onboard the Connemara Bay you can bet Dan has a fly rod in his hand and is working some light tackle.

Catch N Eat

Connemara Bay Fishing Charters takes pride in providing its customers with the freshest seafood around! The Fish you Catch are cleaned and packaged by our experienced crew. We also can send you home with Lobsters! Catch n Eat!

We highly recommend cooking your seafood using Sista Felicia’s recipes.  You can be sure you are getting high quality Sicilian American cooking at its best from this Gloucester native. 

Browse recipes and by Sister Felicia’s cookbook here

Gloucester Fishing Charters Fillets

Let Lobsta Land Restaurant do the Cooking

Sick of cooking? Nowhere to cook your days catch? No Problem! Let our friends over at Lobsta Land Restaraunt do the work for you.

Lobsta Land will cook your fish and lobster the way you like for a fair cover charge.

Blackened and Grilled fish. They can take care of your lobsters to!

Blackened and Grilled fish. They can take care of your lobsters to!

If seafood is not for you they also have a high variety of options and are highly recommended by the captain and crew of the Connemara Bay.

Click here for direction to Lobsta Land

Catch n Eat Connemara Bay Fishing Charters

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You name it:

  • Fried
  • Grilled,
  • Blackened
  • Lobster
Most of our guests onboard the Connemara Bay are looking for a once in a lifetime fishing experience. We have multiple trip options designed to bring this time on the water to you. We can target striped bass, bluefish, cod, haddock, sharks, tuna and even lobsters! Take part in hauling in lobster traps with the Connemara Bay crew! If fishing isn’t your cup of tea come along for an authentic clam/lobsterbake cruise and take in the views such as the Dog bar Breakwater, Ten Pound Island, Hammond’s Castle, The Annisquam River and more.  If you have other ideas, let us know — we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Click here for trip options
The Connemara Bay is a working lobster boat when not out on a fishing charter. Captain O’Maley and his crew bring their deep knowledge of Gloucester’s local waters and sights, interesting personalities and their Gloucester-specific take on the well-known Massachusetts accent to each and every trip.
Have you always wanted to snag a lobster buoy and haul up a 10-pot trawl with the hydraulic winch? Do you want your kids to learn how to clean a fish or set a lobster trap? Maybe you just want to sit back and watch the well-oiled team on the Connemara Bay and have them set your hooks, unsnag your lines, clean your fish and band your lobsters. It’s your trip, so you can keep your hands squeaky clean or get ‘em dirty. No matter what, you’ll have a great time.
After you reel in your fish or haul a trap, we’ll clean your catch or make sure the “bugs” are banded. When we get back to land, you can take your fish or lobster home, or we’re happy to point you int he direction of the popular Lobsta Land restaurant where they’ll cook it for you. Click here for our Catch n Eat Details
When you spend as much time out on the water as we do, you should be familiar with these resources. Some are great New England reads and others will provide you with high quality equipment to meet your nautical and fishing needs. We only where MauiJim on the Connemara Bay All of our striped bass reels are equipped by Shimano. Our Tuna & Cod reels are equipped by Penn. If your looking to hone your fishing skills read this.
Mass Bay Buoy This weather buoy show live sea conditions.
Fishing Regulations This site provides rules and regulations for Massachusetts